garden heliotrope & All-Heal

The felines have a love for thee, yet catnip art thou not truly



July to August

Active Compounds:

  • Alkaloids: actinidine, chatinine, shyanthine,valerianine and valerine

  • Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA)

  • Isovaleric acid

  • Iridoids, including valepotriates: isovaltrate and valtrate

  • Sesquiterpenes ( in the volatile oil): valerenic acid, hydroxyvalerenic acid and acetoxyvalerenic acid

  • Flavanones: hesperidin, 6-methylapigenin and linarin


  • The root helps with agitation, anxiety and sleep disturbance (with possible side effect: fatigue, lack of interest and addiction). It helps doing things in a relaxed state and at the same time to concentrate.

  • In Chinese medicine, it is used similar as Ginseng for general strengthening and longevity

  • Helps with high blood pressure and heart problems (when the problem is related to central nervous disorders)

  • Helps to release cramps (stomach and menses)

  • External use possible for (muscular) tension or neuralgia