Rose Flower & Hips "Secret Home"


Rose Flower & Hips "Secret Home"


Rose Flower & Hips “Glorified Tincture” "Secret Home”.

Properties & Effect Summed Up: "A Guide to the Secret Chamber of the Heart "
Size: 10ml
Ingredients: Organic Damascena Rose Flowers, Rose Hips, Alcohol.

Detailed Properties of Rose Found Here.
What is a Glorified Tincture , Spagyric.

DISCLAIMER: All items sold in the shop are offered as “Art, Novelty/Curiosity Object, or for Research purposes only” It is the responsibility of the buyer to decide what he does with these preparations. They are meant as Talismans and Souvenirs of my Alchemical Art Projects. Since I am not a qualified health professional I do not recommend the internal use of any of these products without proper evaluation by a professional. The use of our products is at the sole discretion and risk of the user and we will assume no liability whatsoever.

For informational purposes only, this does not recommend their use! My own personal usage guideline:

1-3 Drops for a Mild Connection, great to connect with the energy of the plant during the Day.
3-13 Drops for a Deeper Connection, great in conjunction with meditation/spiritual practices and for communicating with the plants spirit.
+13 Drops Consciousness-Altering
Diluted in the drink of my choice! Water, Coffee, Tea, Wine, Beer, etc.

My Work:
All of my Potions and Products are handcrafted in small batches predominantly for my own private use and as part of the alchemical art projects documented here on the site. Made with great care and intention. All of my ingredients are natural (and locally sourced whenever possible) and contain no chemical additives or preservatives. Because of this, there may be variations in the products. The herbs I use are all organic, either from my own garden or bought. Each is unique and a one time product, taking at least a month of work from start to finish to prepare. I only make Products with which I personally work, exploring the alchemical art, their uses and as tools for soul, spirit and body evolution.

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