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Important Notice and disclaimer:

 All items sold in the shop are first of all offered as “Art Objects, novelty, and for research purposes only”. Since I am not a qualified health professional I do not recommend the internal use of any of these products without proper evaluation by a professional. It is the responsibility of the buyer to decide what he does with these preparations.

All statements on this site regarding the supposed properties and medicinal effects of these preparations is merely as historical reference to comprehend the viewpoint of the old alchemists and to explore these facets with the audience and to share my own understanding in relation to this, which is merely based on my own experience and research.

Persons with any health related problems should consult a qualified, licensed professional heath care provider for guidance.  We are not medical doctors and make no claims as to any medicinal uses for any product that we make. The use of our products is at the sole discretion and risk of the user and we will assume no liability whatsoever.

All of my elixirs and products are handcrafted in small batches with great care and intention. All of my ingredients are natural (and locally sourced whenever possible) and contain no chemical additives or preservatives. Because of this, there may be variations in the products. The herbs I use are all organic, either from my own garden or bought.


All of my physical Products are shipped EU-Wide. Shipping Prices will vary depending on product/weight/size etc. Accurate Rates will be displayed when you choose your location at Check-Out.

Otherwise all of my Digital Products and Services are offered Internationally.

Note to International Customers: I can not send any of the alcoholic preparations outside of the EU.

Guarantee & Returns:

Since my Products are Unique Creations and Art Pieces. Replacements are not possible.

I do not accept refunds/returns on any of my physical products once your order is shipped, but if you ship back at your own cost I will happily provide an exchange after the products are received in good condition.

I do not accept refunds/returns on the services offered, unless I fail on my part to uphold my end of the contract. Meaning I will only do refunds if I for some reason fail to render the service purchased.

If you wish to be covered for potential damages happening during shipping, you’ll have to contact me privately so that we can discuss options for sending it as “Insured Shipment”. I do not take responsibility for the goods once they are shipped.

I do guarantee that the products contain what is labeled.


Catharsiopa accepts all major credit cards on this site through Paypal. Once your order is shipped we can no longer issue a refund, but if you ship back at your own cost I will happily provide an exchange after the products are received in good condition.



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