Ladies mantle

Alchemilla Vulgaris

“The Little Alchemist” Her Virtues and Personality:



  • Great for Women ‘s health (similar to Progesterone, balances the menses and alleviates premenstrual tension, cramps or pain, relieves symptoms associated with menopause, reduces tension (anticonvulsant) in uterus, increases milk production after birth, fertility)

  • Respiratory issues (colds, coughing)

  • Helps with digestion, stomach problems and diarrhea

  • increases heart health and elasticity from blood vessels

  • Headaches, Sleep

  • External use: ulcers, eczema, furuncle, reveals itching, heals wounds (clean the site of injury, infection fighter, promotes new tissue growth and can help stop bleeding)




  • Overnight they build mysterious drops on their leaves, looking like liquid gold when the sun shines on them early in the morning.

  • Leaves are looking like a woman’s mantle and associated with Goddess Freya and Venus