Welcome Traveler

It seems that you have somehow landed here in this realm traveler. I welcome you! This is quite an hospitable kingdom to those with the right intentions.

This entire site is a living and breathing Art-Project run by myself “Einar the Ravenking”. This is meant to be a portfolio of my artistic/alchemical work and also a place where you might explore some of the art and writings that will be expanding the site as it grows.

Yet this is not an entirely closed space in which you will only find my own work, but my partner in crime and in love is also an important co-creator in this entire project. She is the one who also designed the logo for the site, which has encoded within it the intention of this project.

You will also find her work hosted here, along with that of another friend “Columba Dubh” while both their work is not specifically focused on alchemy per se, alchemy encompasses all of life and their works and writings are their own form of spiritual and creative alchemy.

Note: If you wish to support me to keep doing my work and running my website then every donation is welcomed and a tremendous help. While my music is available for free listening on the site, you can also purchase one of my
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A raven in his lab.

A raven in his lab.

The True Alchemist only stumbles into the meaning of True Alchemy, once he has been defeated in his pursuit of wanting to conquer life.

When his inner conqueror has been brought to its knees, then alchemy becomes the doorway into building a relationship with life.

He who seeks to conquer, does so out of fear, his fears merely seeds born out of his misunderstanding. His lack of understanding due to his lack of relationship with life.

But he who has given up conquering, begins to relate to and with life & in this relation grows his understanding. His understanding kills the seeds of fear and eventually makes him inconquerable, yet never seeking to conquer.