Standard Edition
First Print Run
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April 15th: Our Prints have Arrived!!

April 15th: Our Prints have Arrived!!

This was our First Test Print before receiving our final orders.

This was our First Test Print before receiving our final orders.

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The standard edition represents the seed of this entire project, you receive the magazine that has birthed the entire “Seals of Secrecy” Project. It contains like a fractal, the distillation of the essence that the Deluxe Edition tries to bring forward into more dimensions than merely the literal and visual.

The contents of it are structured as a sort of art exposition told through story and visuals, going through several chapters. The entirety of the magazine is charged with the intent to be an alchemical talisman with the potential to bring about transformation.

Yet it is also an experiment in storytelling through a different medium than merely a linear story. The nature of it is more resonant with the concept of holography where each part contains the whole.

We begin with a visual exploration of laboratory alchemy but presented alongside metaphors and poems. A visual guide through the lab and the works. We encounter Embers of Passion heating the Nourishing Waters moved by Dexterous Air into seeding the fertile Earth with Life.

At the end I give some explanations about the processes, but it is not the focus, I wish to share more so the beauty of it with you.

As we leave the Chapter on Alchemy, we enter into a gallery of sorts in which there is an exposition of our artworks. A moment of space, silent in words yet speaking through images.

The Third Chapter is a short Interlude in which both creators, Mater Terra and myself are featured.

The Fourth Chapter then manifests a big list of articles, poems and texts, that engage the viewer with the topics of life and death. The beauties we enjoy and the pains we suffer. The Heart that is Broken, and the new growth that emerges from that breaking.
The depths and the shallows, the highs and the lows.

Finally there is a short outro at the end giving a small peek into my work in artisan perfumery.

A 77 Page Journey starting “Here” ending “Here”.

The standard edition comes sealed, signed, numbered and individually prepared. There are a few digital goodies that will come along as gift in the form of download codes. And each order receives a 1 Card personal unique tarot reading from myself.

Brownie's Review: "He says check it out, this is brilliant!"