Standard Edition - "Catharsiopa" Magazine

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Standard Edition - "Catharsiopa" Magazine


What you receive: Magazine + 1 Card Tarot Reading (Unique to Each order) + Digital Gift Goodies as Download Codes.

Each magazine is signed, numbered and sealed to certify it. Each package individualized for every single order.

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The standard edition represents the seed of the entire “Seals of Secrecy” Project. The magazine contains like a fractal the distillation of the essence that the Deluxe Edition tries to bring forward into more dimensions than merely the literal and visual.

The contents of it are structured as a sort of art exposition told through story and visuals, going through several chapters. The entirety of the magazine is charged with the intent to be an alchemical talisman with the potential to bring about transformation.

Yet it is also an experiment in storytelling through a different medium than merely a linear story. The nature of it is more resonant with the concept of holography where each part contains the whole.

Divided into 5 Parts.
77 Page Journey and Initiation Through Love.

More Details visit the Information Page on the Standard Edition
If you are interested about the Greater Project that is manifested as the Deluxe Edition you will find more infos here.