Tarot Reading


Tarot Reading

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Personal Private Tarot Reading by the Ravenking

The Entire Tarot Deck is a Distillation of all the aspects of a human being and the cosmos. Micro and Macro, Inner and Outer. The different archetypes speak to our intuition and deeper ancestral, primal memories not only do they speak to us, but we contain these very same archetypes as parts of our own self.

As for my method in laying the cards, I do not read the future, but I use the cards to read the present moment and where one is coming from, to illuminate what it is that one potentially needs to look at, to most efficiently align with ones natural evolution with as little resistance as possible.

Language options if anyone wants a reading in a different language.
English - Native/Bilingual
French (Français) - Conversational
German (Deutsch) - Fluent
Luxembourgish, Letzeburgesch (Lëtzebuergesch) - Fluent
Persian, Farsi - Speaking only, not able to read or write, voice chat possibility. Native.

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