Resources for Further Study

This Section is dedicated to be a compilation and list of different resources that you can explore to study more on alchemy, herbs, etc yourself.

Recommended Books on
Alchemy & Plants:

Paracelsusmedizin: Altes Wissen in der Heilkunde von heute. Philosophie, Astrologie, Alchimie, Therapiekonzepte-by Margret Madejsky, Patricia Ochsner, Max Amann, Olaf Rippe, Christian Rätsch

Alchemy Rising: The Green Book by Heliophilus

Occlith 0: Omniform by Joseph Uccello

The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants: Ethnopharmacology and Its Applications by Christian Rätsch

Spagyrics: The Alchemical Preparation of Medical Essences, Tinctures, and Elixirs by Manfred M. Junius

Mineral Alchemy vol. 1,2&3 by Jean Dubuis

Spagyrics vol. 1&2 by Jean Dubuis

Links, Articles and Pdf Resources

(PDF) Practical Handbook of Plant Alchemy: How to Prepare Medicinal Essences Tinctures & Elixirs by Manfred M. Junius

(PDF) Spagyrics Vol I by Jean Dubuis

PDF) Spagyrics Vol II by Jean Dubuis

(Link) Planetary and Elemental Correspondences

(Link) Culpeper's Complete Herbal (Herbal Planetary Correspondences & Rulerships)

(Video) Kymia Arts: Operative Alchemy by Avery Hopkins (3 Hour Lecture- Practical Alchemy)

(Video) 13 Phases Of Alchemical Contemplation - David Chaim Smith (Spiritual Alchemy)

(Video) Making A Spagyric Tincture by Phoenix Aurelius (Practical Alchemy)

(Link) David Chaim Smith- Personal Website (Spiritual Alchemy)

(Video) Alchemi-Culture Pilot Archives With Phoenix Aurelius (Practical Alchemy)