The Alchemist Himself.
The Fool and King of Raven-Kin.
Of Persian and Icelandic Descent.
Entered this Incarnation 1990.
Capricorn Tempered
Author of
“The End”

Digital Presence:


Caclination in the Yard

Caclination in the Yard

 Einar the Ravenking, Alchemist and Artist

A fool of love and truth and a loving truthful fool.

Walking along the alchemical path and treading within chapel perilous, where the strangeness of the big cosmic joke we find ourselves has truly turned everything one knows upside down and on its head.

Life Philosophies of a Raven

Madness it is, to believe Perfection is something to be obtained as finality.

To believe one has attained perfection is the clear sign of insanity.

Yet to know that Perfection is a Ladder Climbed ever upward, yet with no peak to reach, no end in sight, such a one will guard his sanity and grow infinitely bright to ever more finer degrees of perfection, yet never perfect, with roots embedded and growing out of infinite imperfection, flavoring sweetly soul and heart with ever more perfect shades of perfect/imperfect dancing together like art.


I eat fear for breakfast. I do not cultivate it. I jump into it and take it apart. Fear is my Prey, it is not my Predator.

Independent Artist. My Art is My Work, every bit of support is greatly appreciated to make this possible.