Transformational Art Exposition and Birth of a Magazine.
”Secret Seals of Secrecy”
A Self Initiatory Journey Through and into Love.

Sealed First Proof & Test Print

Sealed First Proof & Test Print

Birthing of the "Seals of Secrecy" Art Box Set - Collectors Edition

Birthing of the "Seals of Secrecy" Art Box Set - Collectors Edition

This is a Project I am releasing in the form of a Story told through art, visuals, scent, physical matter, literature and gifts. I tell it not alone, but you are a Part of this story and its telling. This Project is an experiment in testing how deeply I can engage the viewer with my Art, to bring about transformation, contemplation & mystery.

Birthed around a magazine.

All editions come with a unique tarot reading, standard edition a 1 card spread, the limited edition a 3card spread, the deluxe a 5card spread, each reading unique for every order made.

Yet the Deluxe Edition is meant to be something more, something unique, magical, mysterious. A tool for transformation. A fragment of beauty. Water for Your Roots. Sunshine for your Crown. Love for your Heart.

Two of the Editions contain the last Physical Prints of My Book “The End”. I will be taking the entire book out of publication once this project ends. Also digitally. These last 46# copies are numbered, signed, sealed and individualized.

The Final Act and also Funeral Ceremony for that compilation of works.

A Self-Initiatory Journey Through and Into Love

Price Estimates for the Different Release Editions are Listed Below.

The Proceeds from the Collectors Edition will go into financing a larger number of orders for the standard edition print with just the magazine and supporting my work in future artistic endeavors.

Below at the Bottom you will find a list of the Blog Posts and Updates about this Project:

2 Release Editions


Seals of Secrecy
Deluxe Art Box
Collectors Edition
Limited To Only 21#+2#

Magazine +30ml Perfume +Book +Tarot Reading (5cards)+++

Price: 94€


Magazine + Digital Goodies+
Tarot Reading (1Cards)

Price: 23€


Update 9th of April 2019: Video of the Magazine's Final Test Print and our Perfume Creation that will be included in the Box among other Items.

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