Welcome to the Realm of “Catharsiopa” where Alchemy, Art & Artisan Perfumery meet.

This Site is a living and breathing Art-Project run by myself “Einar the Ravenking” as a co-creation together with “Mater Terra”.
Born as an expression of two souls intertwining their branches to form a shared crown and canopy.

A portfolio of our works, a symbol of truth, a product of Love & Passion, Dark & Light. Bitter & Sweet. High & Low. Hell & Paradise.

A playground of discovery. a realm of arts, a source of inspiration and hopefully in all its facets always a reflection of truth and beauty, the unconditional kind that fuels life.

Guest Writer: Columba Dubh / Magical Literature, Alchemical Words of Art

16th APRIL BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: “Seals of Secrecy” magazine Release: Infos and Standard Edition

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A raven in his lab.

A raven in his lab.

The Alchemist only stumbles into the meaning of True Alchemy, once he has been defeated in his pursuit of wanting to conquer life.

When his inner conqueror has been brought to its knees, then alchemy becomes the doorway into building a relationship with life.

He who seeks to conquer, does so out of fear, his fears merely seeds born out of his misunderstanding. His lack of understanding due to his lack of relationship with life.

But he who has given up conquering, begins to relate to and with life & in this relation grows his understanding. His understanding kills the seeds of fear and eventually makes him inconquerable, yet never seeking to conquer.