Donations to Support The Arte

If you wish to support me to keep doing my work and running my website then every donation is welcomed and a tremendous help. While my music is available for free listening on the site, you can also purchase one of my digital albums or my self-published Book “The End” from the shop to support me, as well as getting something in return.

I currently practice my art from a corner in my bedroom. It would be amazing if I could one day build a proper studio to set up as Laboratory. Whatever Donations that are received will be used to support my work and to expand my craft. This Website and my Art are my life. They are the foundation upon which I hope to build my life. You can Donate by using the Donation Button through Paypal, or you can use one of the Crypto-Adresses below that to send me a donation through cryptocurrency.

Just the Annual Fees to Run the Site, Domain and Email Services: 350 Euro Total+-.


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