”Secret Seals of Secrecy”
Deluxe Edition Limited Box Set
A Self Initiatory Journey Through and into Love.

This is a Project I am releasing in the form of a Story told through art, visuals, scent, physical matter, literature and gifts. I tell it not alone, but you are a Part of this story and its telling. This Project is an experiment in testing how deeply I can engage the viewer with my Art, to bring about transformation, contemplation & mystery.

The Deluxe Edition is the flower to which the magazine is merely the seed, something unique, magical, mysterious. Water for Your Roots. Sunshine for your Crown. Love for your Heart.

The Box Set is Structured Around 3 Layers.
The Seal of the Mind, in which you find a Book.
The Seal of the Soul, in which you find an Artisan Crafted “Eau de Parfum” 30ML.
The Seal of the Heart, in which you find at the core the Magazine itself.
Including a Unique 5 Card Spread Personal Tarot Reading.
(There are also 2 free Download Codes for both of my Music Albums)

Each Box Set is Numbered, Sealed, and Individually and Uniquely Prepared. No Set is alike. Every Perfume is a Unique Creation for each individual Box.
Limited to 23# Sets!!!

Each Seal comes with an accompanying letter or scroll highlighting the unlocking of the different stages and taking you on a journey as you reveal the gifts you find hidden within your box.

PS. If you decide to become a proud owner of one of our box sets, then consider documenting your opening process and we will share your videos, photos of your process with others, so that they can also be part of the adventure.

The Real Value of the Entire Set is 140€. So this is a special occasion in which you can grab all 3 for a reduced price together. Furthermore the Book I am releasing with the Set I am taking out of print, you will receive one of the last editions ever of those.