"Cheap Porn" and "The Symbology Of A Raven"

Cheap Porn

The Masses are lost watching cheap porn, their souls wasting away in cybernetic superficiality, their hearts dying in a cold hell, waiting to be finally completely broken.

I don't need your Cheap Porn, cause "I am" the Most Porno Thing There is, I am filled by my own eroticism and I am in love with the pulsations of that which is alive.

I drool not at the celebrities fake display of distorted beauty veiling an inward monstrous, parasitic soul.

I bask in the radiance of my hearts inward and outward majestic opulence. Dripping with royal amrita and drunk on the wine of soma, that enraptures me to the presence of that presence which transgresses the distortions of a fallen humanity.

Transcending its limitations one broken-heart at a time.

The Symbology Of A Raven

A raven is the bringer of fire, the guardian to death. And most of all he is never a liar. His call might be coarse and unpleasant compared to many a songbird one hears, yet despite his rough tone and his dark reverberations never a lie leaves his tongue, and each syllable he speaks with truth beautifully glittering.

He sometimes thieves and steals our shiny things, but only to leave us a message to let old things die, and let them go, hoarding them is a waste of gold, the gold that you are free from all things.

-Texts by Ravenking