Ravenking Prophecies - Snooze Deactivated.


Hear hear the Ravenking’s Prophecy, Clear!
Alarm Clocks are Ringing, snooze deactivated, red alert!
The time of transformation and testing, drawing near,
NO! The Bell Tolls, it has begun, it is Here!

Apocalypse Now, we be walking in Hell,
Alchemists with invisible names,
turning this infernal roller-coaster ride of death and lead,
into a paradise of living transcendental gold, life from the dead..

Idols on the TV, archetype of the Anti-Hero,
perversion and destruction of values turning you into a ZERO.
cutting at yourself like someone turned fucking EMO!
Bleeding yourself out willingly like cattle,
with the high desire of becoming nothing, ,
but a fine steak on your favorite stars platter.

So who are you, who am I, who are we?
The Truth! Not the Lie of a Slave of you!


I am the Rock and Roll that said Fuck Fashion,
I am the Blues that transformed Darkness into Song and Laughter.
I am the Jazz in Music, the Improvisation of Life uniting all Culture.
I am the Techno, that beat the War Drum to Modern Slavery and our Masters.
I am the Ancient Pulse of Persian Drums among Zarathustrian Fires.
I am the Viking Horns of Valhalla greeting the warriors of Life, whose soul never tires!
Who Lived with a Heart Set Ablaze, with the Values of a Hero, Loyal and Royal,
Noble of Soul, Wise and Patient, Courageous in the Face of Evil, Intolerant to Lies
and in his own self whole.

I am the King who crowns those that are Crownless, Kings and Queens.

-byRavenking, known as “Shah Artin” the True King of Persia, A Son of Odin, Born in the wombs of Zarathustrian Fire by transforming Icelandic Icy Seed, Einar the Einherjjar of Valhalla the Persian-Icelandic Warrior-King.