Drunk On Life


Drunk on Life

Oh great mystery, dear life, unravel ME,
Divine extasy, I am one and All, I commune with thee,

Seeking among the blossoming flowers,,
I was blind to thy scent of sublime heart opening roses,
I saw not the divinity in the thy colors, only the ticking hours,
My heart closed and my frown all kinds of bittery poses,

I ran around searching, hoping for truth,
thinking did not, in the end my heart sooth,
when i gave it all up, I found my true soul,
and realized that walking the way, was the true goal.

I transcended my destiny, destination no longer ahead,
I decided to die before the time, that my body was dead,
In Death then I saw, I was always Immortal for eternity all,
And I laughed about thinking I was the angel that knew only to fall,

Dear God, Oh Nameless one, to You I do call,
For your music stirs me with divine bliss, I AM ALL.
Who are YOU, and Who am I? But one and the same,
Oh what a delight to be stuck in this infinite great game,

My mind rises high, I am born and I am dead,
I am shiny as Gold and I am even as heavy as Lead,
I am Water that flows, and fire that burns,
I am solid earth in my bones, the air that all turns,

I am soft, I am hard,
I am Me, I am You,
I am Sword, I am Bard,
I am all, I am True,
You am I, I am You.

Madness drives through me,
I drive through madness with a smile,
Love I am, the endless Sea,
I am the Trickster with cunning Guile,

I am Bursting afire,
Never will I Retire,
For I am A Sun,
I no longer Run,
I am young and I am Old,
I am Earth and I am Sea,
I am Fire, BURNING ME,
I am Water flowing Free,
I am Air cooling Thee.

Dear Lord, Dear Atum, Dear Shiva Divine,
Oh How I laugh at the Lie that NOW we call Time.

Oh dear Nameless one ,with many or even all of the Names,
Life eternal one and the same as I, playing all of these Games.

I thank Thee, I Am Thee,
I Love You, And I am You,
I am We, You are We,
You chew Me, live through Me,
And Love me as I love thee,
as I love all, as you love all,
as we all fall and we all call,
flying up high, to the bright sky.

Immortal when we die before we die.