I Break Free


The Prisons of Mind that hold me defined,
The Guilt that hides behind a Powerless Pride.
The Victim who seeks to Fight the Obstructions in Life,

I burn all of these, for I am Eternal Life and Alive.

The Prisons of Mind that cage me with fear,
The Search for Solutions to save what is dear.
The Threat of Death stalking me deep in the night.
Yet What I try to save keeps eroding, wasting my might.

I Burn all of these, and liberate my True Sight.

The Prisons of Mind that summon enemies I must fight,
The Seeking for Power that keeps me blinded and Numb,
The Wish to retaliate against the attacks, keeping me Dumb.
The Victim who screams in agony to finally be freed from this Blight.

I Burn all of these, restoring my Light from a seeming never-ending Night.
Beyond Death I am, for he is nothing more but an Idea in my Mind.

Nothing to protect inside, Nothing to defend outside,
Nothing to Fear , no enemy from which I need Hide.

I Burn away all that shuts my Heart into a Fist.
BURN DOWN THE FAKE ME that cancerous cyst.
I liberate my Soul, my Heart bursting free into Life.
I liberate my Love by giving up the struggle and Strife.
FOR I am as You are as We all are,
Mysterious Sovereign Eternal Infinite Sparks of LIFE.

So shall it be and So it Is.