Wild horse

She felt like a wild horse
Who forgot where she came from
Tamed and calmly following what she was used to
For so long she thought others would have an answer
To the deep mystery she felt inside
But in the depth of her heart
She felt a calling

‘Be wild my love
Don’t hide your true beauty
Be wildly in love
With the unknown mystery of life
Face your fears
And be what you are’

No comfort was nurturing her soul
As long as she was holding back as a whole
So she sat with the pain
With her doubts, judgments and fears
And she sat with her anger
And with her seemingly endless tears

The deeper she went inside
She faced the unbearable
An infinite space wide and untied
It took her apart
To a new start

All that was left was nothing but her heart
Beating in the rhythm of a galloping horse
Wild and strong - one with the divine source
- by M.T

Artwork by Sandy DS

Artwork by Sandy DS