Strong & vulnerable

The idea exists that being strong means not being vulnerable
But what is strong about running away from what you feel?
Ideas are just ideas.
Thoughts are just thoughts.

Emotions are just emotions.
It is not what we are.
It is what we perceive.
The one who perceives has no definition,
yet it seems that (s)he has the ‚courage‘ to sit with whatever is.
That's when the vulnerability, the pain is recognized as an invitation.
It is your guest.
And if you sit with it, it transforms.

And the moment you can sit with whatever arises in you, you can sit with whatever arises in those around you.
There are no expectations anymore.

That's when relationships are authentic,
Instead of judging others and analyze whether we have to protect ourselves or run away
Say yes to life here&now
That's when people really meet...
The beauty of transformation, the beauty of being ALIVE - no matter what.