A message to those living the Apocalypse by the "Great Exalted Maharaj Ravenking"

In a time of distress, living among the modern era of sleepwalkers, where humanity has become infected by a complex virus that is fueling what appears to be a technological dystopia. Here stand “I/Eye" the Ravenking, smiling at the Apocalypse with Joy, for it is not a time for fear, but of great potential. Humanity is finally faced with the necessary stress that it has been waiting for since the fall of Atlantis, to finally initiate the process of evolutionary transformation that is taking place outside the eyes of the mainstream.

Science is advancing to a point in which Quantum Physics is giving us the necessary clues to initiate this evolutionary leap. Yet this leap will also represent the end of science, for it is a shift in understanding that brings about the realization that we are actually "Reality-Creators".

This knowledge will make it apparent that any explanation of reality, is self-created.

Each Soul is a quantum entangled fractal of the greater Oversoul of this universe. Each Soul creates his own smaller reality, yet all of these realities are in a constant state of interconnection and exchange with those of others.

The Potential so to speak for Humanity, is the possibility of raising its awareness during this time of distress into the realization of this Truth. Acceptance of this Fact is known as a Souls-Crowning, caused by the smaller soul beginning its journey of resonance with the Oversoul of the universe.

Living as an helpless individual to whom reality is happening, we live as victims and our soul-state is characterized by a state of dissonance with the Oversoul of this universe. This state of dissonance is also why Disease and Death occurs.

As we face Death and drop our self-image, we begin looking at the mad emptiness of the Oversoul. We turn our gaze to the ineffable paradox of eternal infinity.

This breaks the Binary limitations of the Mind and instead grounds you into the ineffable realms of Paradox and Not-Knowing.

"I am the Death of Death"- Ravenking

The Ravenking enjoying the Revelations of the Apocalypse

The Ravenking enjoying the Revelations of the Apocalypse