The Travelling Rosemary Bush

I recently got into contact with a fellow Wizard and creator of “A Beards Treat”. We had been acquainted through social media already, but a few weeks back I finally had the pleasure to meet him personally. A truly heartwarming exchange and connection that flowed between the both of us. In our talks we both shared about our love for gardening and he then came to mention a Rosemary Bush he had growing at his place.

This article is dedicated to that Bush. For it is no ordinary Rosemary. This one has a weird passion for traveling. Unique to a plant I must say, for this one has sunk its roots in several places over the course of its life. An old soul Rosemary which seems to share a very profound lesson in the subtlety of its being.

One of the important lessons that plants and trees teach us if we dare listen to them and observe them carefully, is the subtle trust that life has planted you in the right spot. They have no ability to run away or travel to another spot. Yet without going anywhere they are surrounded and filled with life.

The Rosemary Bush is the one on the Bottom Left in the Corner.

The Rosemary Bush is the one on the Bottom Left in the Corner.


All that they need is brought to them, be it storms to make them stronger, sunshine to make them grow, the onslaught of predators or the pleasure of protective company.

They rest in the here and now, and allow the stream of life to bring them what they need. When storms come, they do not yearn for sun, but they embrace the storm digging their roots deep in the soil.

YET this Rosemary teaches us another valuable lesson. That even if you are rooted in the ground, life might take you on travels through means you could never have achieved on your own. For this Bush was discovered several years ago by Chris the Wizard growing huge at an abandoned property, it was love at first sight, so much so that he returned the next day with a friend and dug her out to take her home.

She spent the last 2-3 years with him in his garden, now he is leaving the country and mentioned that he still had the bush and would be happy if she would find a new home with someone who would take care of her. Hearing her story, the energy of that Rosemary felt so vibrant and alive that I offered without hesitation to take her.

Encountering her in his garden, she was a big wild looking Bush. I’d say a Diameter of one meter in width at least, not very tall though with gnarly thick woody branches. A rough aura as if she originated in some strange mystical forest. We dug her out together and I then took her home with me.

Once at home, we picked her spot and then decided to give her a solid haircut and pruning, to help promote new growth and rejuvenation.I Kept the branches I cut and might attempt to do an essential oil distillation on those parts.

Writing this article now, a week has passed since transplanting her, pruning her and giving her time to adapt to her new spot. And from the feels of it she has taken to the rough treatment fairly well, doesn’t show any signs of stress and is glowing with an aura of utmost satisfaction.

I wonder if she will travel some more during her lifespan in the many years yet to come. But up to then I am looking forward to sharing and spending my time with her as a companion in our humble garden and looking forward to the lessons she might further teach and share.

I also received a sample from the Wizard his creations. And will be writing a review about his product. It is a super awesome Beard Oil Set, crafted from organic material sourced locally entirely from Luxembourg.
If You are interested feel free to check out his page “A Beards Treat”

Brownie enjoys her Energy as well, chilling next to her.

Brownie enjoys her Energy as well, chilling next to her.