Ever-present heart


We can fight for all kinds of equality, human rights, health, animal and environment protection
But nothing will change as long as we run around believing we are all the different masks we wear
Proudly in the limitations we set upon ourselves, with our big egos and advices

As long as there are persons fighting for a solution
Instead of hearts being the answer
We run in circles

As long as we only fight for a better future
Instead of being here and now completely
We lie to ourselves, just dreaming

For if you are not here now
Who says you’ll be later

As long as we teach our children that they need to show themselves in a certain way to be worthy
We never really love

As long as we fear to love terribly deep
We never really meet

As long as we look for home on the outside
We ignore our ever-present heart

Writing and Artwork by Mater Terra