Our Natural State

Truth is unique, we stumble upon our own truth, and then we make that for a while absolute and try to offer it to everyone actually distorting it back into a lie while still doing so.

BUT hopefully, eventually then we see that that truth was not a fact, but more so a state! And that all that brought you there was not yourself, but yourself falling into little metaphors of it until you touched something for a short glimpse.

All those small glimpses add up until you realize you have merely fallen into your natural state instead of acquiring any truth at all.

At that point we let our grip go from the last vestiges of our own beliefs that were trying to force it on others in that weird shape we put it into initially.

And we allow ourselves to be the natural state and relax into being able to allow IT to communicate the relevant metaphors that are fitting to the situation, which come spontaneously when we allow ourselves to finally relate to the world by fully listening and not being afraid of becoming entirely what the other is. To hear what it is they say beyond the words and to become them, and then to allow the natural state to speak and answer that which is unknown until you speak it.

Truth is nothing but your natural state in which you can finally relate to life in all its uniqueness as YOU and for once also as completely the OTHER without feeling separated due to it..

Before the natural state we are just relating to our own self-image basically.