The Truth of the Devil

The Devil actually exists, YET he is in actuality nothing but "The Lie", and that is the Truth of the Devil.

Wherever you encounter a Lie, you are meeting the Devil.
That is who he is, that is his Truth. He is ever loyal to himself, for he is never anything else but a lie, dressed in every possible form in which a lie can take shape.

So when you meet the Devil and he asks you to trade your soul for whatever he has to offer.

Your answer should be: "Who are "YOU" to wish to trade my "ME"?

"What I am, I am! It can never be traded!"

Trading your soul is the compromise you make when you decide to Lie for whatever reason, be it greed, safety, comfort, deceit, fear, love or desire.

He who lies does not exist, for he is but a shadow of himself.
Having become "The Devil", The Liar and the Lie himself.

He who speaks truth does forever exist for that is the heart speaking as itself undivided whole, it is the I which is an EYE and in every soul forever whole.

And when you become the Devil or Speak a Lie more plainly told, you only ever falsely believed or yourself had deceived to have been exchanged by the illusion of feeling you are not whole..

For truth is like a magic stone which never leaves the purse of its owner no matter to whom it is seemingly given."

"The Devil Is God's Shadow" testing himself in every unique soul/godspark, to see how loyal he will be to his own heart when tested among the trials of hell and brimstone, paradise and infinity, among this play of life and death in this universe and its unfathomable entirety.

For what is the meaning of Truth when there is no Lie to contrast it, how would it be known in its beauty if the devil didn't sometimes try to hide it?

Do not Fear what does not Exist, even though it does.