Here and Now, Eternity, come be where all hearts only ever live.

The Moment is one eternal process of Transformation by Divine Fire.

The Moment is one eternal process of Transformation by Divine Fire.

The Now is Ever-changing hence easy to miss. We feel as if we are stuck in limitation, but are you not witness to the fact that each moment is entirely transformed to produce the next? We live in infinite transformation, and it is only since the eternal moment is ever-changing that we get the illusion of the passage of time.

Once we live in our mind within the boundary of time, we feel as if we are in limitation in a world that is never changing or at least not fast enough or struggling to keep things from changing, yet that struggle always falling apart, and struggling to change ourselves out of the idea of who we think we are or fighting to hold on to what we thought that we are.

But merely admit to yourself, is not this eternal moment, this present you are always in, only separated by how many ideas you are currently holding in your mind?

When you are in time you feel alone, since you feel as if you are a person in a world separated by distance, definition and time.

But when you are Here, you are where everybody actually only ever is. Never alone, one with all living, in the heart of the divine.

In time, you find god inside of your heart, praying as a person seeking to come closer, to be no longer separated and apart.

In Timelessness, you find you have always been standing in the heart of hearts, where all hearts live, here and now within the ever-changing eternal moment, forever transforming somehow.