Conversation with Kambo the Frog

Today after a long while I did a session with Kambo the Frog, as a good spring cleanse.

While usually I have just a strong physical reaction, this time the frog also spoke to me a message after the purge while I was laying down to recover.

Conversation with Kambo:

I was feeling a lot of anger due to circumstances with people close to me, tired of their superficiality, tired of the routines and comfortable roles we slip into. My mind was throwing judgments at me for my anger, but the frog suddenly started speaking:

"Do you know how it is that I am protected? My poison is a result of my lack of fear. I have my home in the deep jungles filled with all sorts of predators, but I have no predator I need to fear.
When you have fear, you are easily predated by others.

For your own fear is a toxin with which you poison yourself. You are also not a frog like I am, so you must understand that having no fear for you means, having no fear in expressing yourself authentically.

When you lack fear, your truthful expression of anger and proper use of discrimination is the poison you offer those that wish to turn you into their prey. It is their responsibility for deciding to eat you, so if they get confronted with your poison it was the result of their own actions. You have a fundamental right to protect yourself.

While those that try to eat me, will be poisoned, it is essential to understand that this very poison is in fact also a medicine. Just as you use my poison to cleanse and come to center yourself in your heart, so too is the poison of your expression when guided by the truth of your heart also that which becomes medicine for others, whether they realize it or not."

Thank you dear Kambo 💚