The Mirror House of Life

If you dare gaze Truth in the eyes... if you manage to get so far as to eye contact, then you will be face to face with a madness that will turn you into a stock raving lunatic.

It will illuminate to you that the light of "Rational Reason" is no light but actually darkness when it is divorced from the Irrational pulsations of the Heart.

Yet it will grant you enough of a sliver of sanity, that you might appear quite sane ever onwards from the outside.

But inside you have lost all direction, that could be defined as standing on "reasonable" ground.

Instead you are in the timeless and all of life has become your mirror, yet there is no stable ground to stand on except holding fast to the light of truth that shines your way onwards through the ever-changing.

Absolutes become dissolved by Paradox. Limitations becoming the launching pads into infinite Potential. Roots in Hell and Heart in Heaven. Mind in the middle, balanced amid the density of matter and the infinity of soul, the trunk that unites both worlds in a dynamic transformative relation.


Purified Body of Rose

Purified Body of Rose