Conversations with a Blackbird

Do you know why people call me blackbird?
Because they are blind to the true colors of nature.
They are blind to the reality, they keep on the surface, they are so lazy in seeing what is in front of them that they are easily categorizing and simplifying things.

My wife is brown and I have a yellow mouth - still they call us Blackbird.
We don't care, but we are aware of it. We are aware of you humans, more than you think..
We are very grateful for the food and the garden we are sharing in your house. The entire bird kingdom around is thankful.
A lot of birds, wouldn't talk to you because of many different negative experiences they’ve had and great respect for your size and strength.
A lot of people act like the ground we share is only theirs.

We fear that one day we would be totally dependent. Because everything is regulated by humans, even the forest.

What we also sense is that often people go into the forest (superficially) as an escape :
They walk fully charged with emotion-smog through the human-built pathways and don't exchange any positive vibes - they only leave their negative charge to nature and take some "fresh air" provided by the trees in order to continue what they were doing before.
It is very frustrating that people are destroying with the goal of making it their own and profiting from it, using the energy of aliveness to support their greediness.

We don't ask for protectors, we don't ask for anything except for the realization that

When people call themselves "near to nature', they are in actuality most of the time just taking advantage - they are only ‚near‘, but not truly ‚one with nature‘.

When you are "one" you don't need any escape. When you are one, you take responsibility, you don't go hide for a while then return to old patterns, because "One" has no patterns.
One is beyond reason. You don't go into nature for a reason - and when you are there - you are fully there - without charge, without asking for anything.
Only those who are truly "Here" are able to listen...

Text by Mater Terra