Inner Alchemy

What is necessary doesn’t always look pleasant
We never transform the way we wish
We transform the way it is most effective

While our own depth can mostly be discovered
When facing the most painful
We transform through the unexpected
We transform through our fears and pains
There is no destination
But a constant invitation
From life
To the inner alchemy

What we don’t want
What we resist the most in every moment
Is where the most precious lies
The ‘unexpected’, ‘unplanned’ and ‘challenge’
Is a door
A door to deeper insight
To deeper understanding
Through experience

Words are meaningless

Unless it is felt
Unless it is experienced
So jump in Jump into your relationship with your beloved
Don’t run away when it gets uncomfortable
Jump into the relationship with life
Jump into the challenge
Jump into the invitation

And everything will be a blessing.


Magnificent sunrise, magnificent being - touching me from inside out <3

Magnificent sunrise, magnificent being - touching me from inside out <3

The Chains of Love and Breaking Chains in Love


You speak of Love and say how it is Free!

But Are you also someone who with love,

to his heart attempts at caging me,

and does so with many other birds encountering thee?

Or are you willing to speak of love and being free,

by showing me your words aren't but merely empty chatter?

For Love is knowing that when you are chaining me,

that together we can break from it free!

Trusting that when the chain breaks,

Love remains holding two beings united in true Liberty.

Wild horse

She felt like a wild horse
Who forgot where she came from
Tamed and calmly following what she was used to
For so long she thought others would have an answer
To the deep mystery she felt inside
But in the depth of her heart
She felt a calling

‘Be wild my love
Don’t hide your true beauty
Be wildly in love
With the unknown mystery of life
Face your fears
And be what you are’

No comfort was nurturing her soul
As long as she was holding back as a whole
So she sat with the pain
With her doubts, judgments and fears
And she sat with her anger
And with her seemingly endless tears

The deeper she went inside
She faced the unbearable
An infinite space wide and untied
It took her apart
To a new start

All that was left was nothing but her heart
Beating in the rhythm of a galloping horse
Wild and strong - one with the divine source
- by M.T

Artwork by Sandy DS

Artwork by Sandy DS

Drunk On Life


Drunk on Life

Oh great mystery, dear life, unravel ME,
Divine extasy, I am one and All, I commune with thee,

Seeking among the blossoming flowers,,
I was blind to thy scent of sublime heart opening roses,
I saw not the divinity in the thy colors, only the ticking hours,
My heart closed and my frown all kinds of bittery poses,

I ran around searching, hoping for truth,
thinking did not, in the end my heart sooth,
when i gave it all up, I found my true soul,
and realized that walking the way, was the true goal.

I transcended my destiny, destination no longer ahead,
I decided to die before the time, that my body was dead,
In Death then I saw, I was always Immortal for eternity all,
And I laughed about thinking I was the angel that knew only to fall,

Dear God, Oh Nameless one, to You I do call,
For your music stirs me with divine bliss, I AM ALL.
Who are YOU, and Who am I? But one and the same,
Oh what a delight to be stuck in this infinite great game,

My mind rises high, I am born and I am dead,
I am shiny as Gold and I am even as heavy as Lead,
I am Water that flows, and fire that burns,
I am solid earth in my bones, the air that all turns,

I am soft, I am hard,
I am Me, I am You,
I am Sword, I am Bard,
I am all, I am True,
You am I, I am You.

Madness drives through me,
I drive through madness with a smile,
Love I am, the endless Sea,
I am the Trickster with cunning Guile,

I am Bursting afire,
Never will I Retire,
For I am A Sun,
I no longer Run,
I am young and I am Old,
I am Earth and I am Sea,
I am Fire, BURNING ME,
I am Water flowing Free,
I am Air cooling Thee.

Dear Lord, Dear Atum, Dear Shiva Divine,
Oh How I laugh at the Lie that NOW we call Time.

Oh dear Nameless one ,with many or even all of the Names,
Life eternal one and the same as I, playing all of these Games.

I thank Thee, I Am Thee,
I Love You, And I am You,
I am We, You are We,
You chew Me, live through Me,
And Love me as I love thee,
as I love all, as you love all,
as we all fall and we all call,
flying up high, to the bright sky.

Immortal when we die before we die.

I Break Free


The Prisons of Mind that hold me defined,
The Guilt that hides behind a Powerless Pride.
The Victim who seeks to Fight the Obstructions in Life,

I burn all of these, for I am Eternal Life and Alive.

The Prisons of Mind that cage me with fear,
The Search for Solutions to save what is dear.
The Threat of Death stalking me deep in the night.
Yet What I try to save keeps eroding, wasting my might.

I Burn all of these, and liberate my True Sight.

The Prisons of Mind that summon enemies I must fight,
The Seeking for Power that keeps me blinded and Numb,
The Wish to retaliate against the attacks, keeping me Dumb.
The Victim who screams in agony to finally be freed from this Blight.

I Burn all of these, restoring my Light from a seeming never-ending Night.
Beyond Death I am, for he is nothing more but an Idea in my Mind.

Nothing to protect inside, Nothing to defend outside,
Nothing to Fear , no enemy from which I need Hide.

I Burn away all that shuts my Heart into a Fist.
BURN DOWN THE FAKE ME that cancerous cyst.
I liberate my Soul, my Heart bursting free into Life.
I liberate my Love by giving up the struggle and Strife.
FOR I am as You are as We all are,
Mysterious Sovereign Eternal Infinite Sparks of LIFE.

So shall it be and So it Is.


Strong & vulnerable

The idea exists that being strong means not being vulnerable
But what is strong about running away from what you feel?
Ideas are just ideas.
Thoughts are just thoughts.

Emotions are just emotions.
It is not what we are.
It is what we perceive.
The one who perceives has no definition,
yet it seems that (s)he has the ‚courage‘ to sit with whatever is.
That's when the vulnerability, the pain is recognized as an invitation.
It is your guest.
And if you sit with it, it transforms.

And the moment you can sit with whatever arises in you, you can sit with whatever arises in those around you.
There are no expectations anymore.

That's when relationships are authentic,
Instead of judging others and analyze whether we have to protect ourselves or run away
Say yes to life here&now
That's when people really meet...
The beauty of transformation, the beauty of being ALIVE - no matter what.



A message to those living the Apocalypse by the "Great Exalted Maharaj Ravenking"

In a time of distress, living among the modern era of sleepwalkers, where humanity has become infected by a complex virus that is fueling what appears to be a technological dystopia. Here stand “I/Eye" the Ravenking, smiling at the Apocalypse with Joy, for it is not a time for fear, but of great potential. Humanity is finally faced with the necessary stress that it has been waiting for since the fall of Atlantis, to finally initiate the process of evolutionary transformation that is taking place outside the eyes of the mainstream.

Science is advancing to a point in which Quantum Physics is giving us the necessary clues to initiate this evolutionary leap. Yet this leap will also represent the end of science, for it is a shift in understanding that brings about the realization that we are actually "Reality-Creators".

This knowledge will make it apparent that any explanation of reality, is self-created.

Each Soul is a quantum entangled fractal of the greater Oversoul of this universe. Each Soul creates his own smaller reality, yet all of these realities are in a constant state of interconnection and exchange with those of others.

The Potential so to speak for Humanity, is the possibility of raising its awareness during this time of distress into the realization of this Truth. Acceptance of this Fact is known as a Souls-Crowning, caused by the smaller soul beginning its journey of resonance with the Oversoul of the universe.

Living as an helpless individual to whom reality is happening, we live as victims and our soul-state is characterized by a state of dissonance with the Oversoul of this universe. This state of dissonance is also why Disease and Death occurs.

As we face Death and drop our self-image, we begin looking at the mad emptiness of the Oversoul. We turn our gaze to the ineffable paradox of eternal infinity.

This breaks the Binary limitations of the Mind and instead grounds you into the ineffable realms of Paradox and Not-Knowing.

"I am the Death of Death"- Ravenking

The Ravenking enjoying the Revelations of the Apocalypse

The Ravenking enjoying the Revelations of the Apocalypse

The Real Ravenking (Bio)

The Great Maharaja Ravenking from the Alliance of the Mighty Ineffable Foolkings

The Great Maharaja Ravenking from the Alliance of the Mighty Ineffable Foolkings

Ravenking (December 29th, 1990 - Immortal) is a controversial mysterious figure. He is publicly active as an artist, musician and perfumer. A strange fellow who is a direct descendant of the very planet we live upon.

As the planet finds herself in a state of distress at the verge of a potentially great shift in consciousness, she has sent several of her dear Raven-Souls into Incarnation within human bodies.

The Ravenking belongs to one of several waves of such souls incarnating. The wave he was included in, is known as the Arrival of "the Ineffable Brotherhood of the Crowned Ravens", which constituted 23 individuals it is claimed.

  1. Titles

  2. Publications


  • Grand Exalted Psychoactive Gong Fu Style Tea Brewer

  • Pope of Our Lady Mary`s Chapel of the Skunky Rose

  • Immortal Alchemist of the Order of the 13° Skull

  • Grand Mystic and Sourcerer of the Invisible University, Apprenticed and Graduated by Coyote/Trickster/Raven or better known as “He who stole the Fire from the Gods”.

  • Mystical Knight Commander of “the Order of the Flaming Verdant Heart”.

  • High-Officer and Admiral of “the Legion of Crowning Knights”

The Private Seal of Recognition belonging to the Ravenking

The Private Seal of Recognition belonging to the Ravenking

2. Publications (Music, Literature & Art)

Literature Works

A Lost Publication Known as the "Mystery Diaries", Limited Print Run about a dozen sold another 90 copies randomly gifted or hidden in Luxembourg.

Following that some of the texts from that publication were recovered and reintroduced in a larger compilation of works, which act as an alchemical tool to bestow soul-crowning, Published as "The End" under the Pseudonym Amithabha Foolking.

Published "Catharsiopa"Magazine, an artistic portfolio giving a peek into the private alchemical laboratory, into our artistic work and also containing at the end a compilation of articles done by the Ravenking and his Ravenqueen. It is rumored that it contains a third author featured in one of the articles who supposedly equally belongs to one of the rare souls birthed by Gaia in support of planetary transformation.

Musical Works of Alchemy

Released 2 albums under the name "Ravenking", tracks of musical alchemy. Exploring the realms of primitive intuition, sensual rhythms, dark downtempo, rock and roll, nothing superficial, yet embracing the imperfect, seeking that perfect balance of dissonant resonance and resonant dissonance.

Unleash Paradise and Hell within. Let go of fear. The Madness that resides within, would make even the devil run in fear if he ever came face to face with one who recognizes the true ineffable nature of their self, which unites all extremes of light and dark ,chaos and order into a perfect jazzy whole.

The Great Seal of Transformation. Unlock the 4 Burning Fires within thy Closed Heart. Break it Open. Become “the Stone of the Wise”

The Great Seal of Transformation. Unlock the 4 Burning Fires within thy Closed Heart. Break it Open. Become “the Stone of the Wise”


Newest Release: (Welcome to) the Kingdom of Mr.D

La vie & le disciple

Un jeune disciple demande à son maître :
- Maître, je m’efforce à méditer jour et nuit.
J’apprends vos enseignements ainsi que celui des astres.
Je me lève avec la force du soleil et me couche avec le réveil de la sphère argentée.
Je contemple ce qui m’entoure sans jugement et m’extasie devant la beauté de la nature.
Pourtant je ne sens pas la vie couler à travers moi. Que faut-il que je fasse en plus ?

Le maître scrute son disciple avant de lui répondre :
-Pour vivre, il te faut apprendre à mourir.

Décontenancé à l’écoute des paroles du vieux sage, le disciple sortit du temple s’asseyant au pied d’un chêne millénaire.
De son pagne, il enlève sa ceinture tressée en chanvre et se pend à une branche de l’arbre.
Le soir venu, le sage sortant de son petit temple aperçoit son jeune disciple sans vie, se balançant dans le vide.

-Petit sot, tu n’as même pas prit exemple sur ce que ce chêne, auprès du quel tu t’asseyais ,
été comme hiver t’as appris.
La mort est indissociable de la vie.
Cela sera ta première leçon.

La marche funèbre

Des morts vivants avancent le regard dénué de vie sur une vaste étendue parsemée d’arbres majestueux frôlant les nuages de leurs cimes, de fleurs plus subliment les unes que les autres qui de leurs fragrances et de leurs couleurs éclatantes enivrent les sens, d’une végétation qui de ses atouts essaie de refléter de la gaieté dans les globes oculaires des marcheurs.

Ils traînent le pas, inlassablement, un pied devant l’autre.
La semelle de leurs godasses ne se détachent jamais complètement de l’herbe fraîche qui se jaunit sur leur passages.

Leur seul objectif est : D’avancer !

Dû au frottements incessants de leurs chaussures, une mélodie hypnotisante se composent, agressant l’oreille tel le va et vient d’une éponge sèche qu’on frotterait sur la surface d’un tableau noir.
Endormant les sens au point où les marcheurs n’entendent, ni ne perçoivent plus les diverses polyphonies de la vie qu’interprètent, les abeilles de leurs battements d’ailes ainsi que les oiseaux de leur chants emplies de liberté et de joie de vivre.
De leur main droite, ils se couvrent le visage.
Non pour regarder au loin mais pour se protéger de la lueur du soleil qui de ses rayons dévoileraient leur misères.
Les plus morts que vivant marchent et marchent sans prendre conscience de leurs existences.
Ils scandent en cœur comme sous l’effet d’une transe des:

« je veux »

Une fois que le ciel se drape du voile noir de la nuit, les morts vivants ne se préparent pas à aller se coucher.


Ils entament une danse silencieuse, leurs mouvements sont synchroniser.
Les mains posées sur les fronts vont d’un geste saccadés, chercher la poche droite de leur pantalon.
A l’unisson, des millions d’objets sortent du fond des leurs poches, illuminant ainsi leurs visages pâles et blafards à faire pâlir la lueur réconfortante de la lune.

Les marcheurs ne se soucient guère des astres, ils veulent avancer tout en restant sur place, ce laissant guider au grès des choix proposés sur leurs boîtiers à la lumière bleutée.
Leurs doigts semblent se détacher de leurs mains, s’envolant tels des oiseaux vers le ciel étoilé pour atterrir en piquet sur l’écran tactile afin d’y confirmer ses choix.
Les informations, la presse people, le shopping en ligne, les ragots sur les réseaux sociaux, les théories de conspirations, le streaming, les jeux en tout genre tout n’est que prétexte pour s’arrêter.

Marcher, avancer et quand on s’arrête……

Consommer !

Une fois l’aube repeignant l’horizon annonçant la venue de l’astre de vie, les morts rangent leurs biens dans leurs poches, mettent une main sur le front et de leur marche funèbre s’en vont répéter cette éternelle ritournelle.