Our Perfect Brokenness

When we still want to become stronger/better, we are kind of overshadowing the inherent strength/perfection that is already there.

I can only put it as such, the strong clarity of the things you don't want or want to improve/change, are the grinding paper which is grinding down the interest in those very same wants/wishes.

The purpose of it is for us to realize that: "We have to let go of what we want, to be open to what we already receive each moment."

When we finally are tired and exhausted of wanting better since we do not know how to reach "better", we at some point relax into our brokenness. Many struggle an entire life time never reaching that point. But that is where we ultimately all arrive at.

Then our wants/wishes transform and instead we act our will.

For we lose the self-importance in our wanting to achieve that which is our potential, and what remains is the potential achieving itself once that resistance is gone (the resistance being self-importance/self-narrative/self-concept).

We somehow realize that we are not in control of ourselves and can't control our getting better or our growth or even how we appear to be.

Once we fully stop in our tracks in the space of no control we realize that "HERE" is where I am actually most in control but not by doing control.

Rather the monkey mind self-talk seems to transform into no longer being a bully which tears us apart, but more and more becomes the joker whose attempts at making us feel insecure or fitting us in a positive/negative box are laughed at.

The parts that still emotionally affect/trigger us, get less intense, since we no longer tell ourselves we are not supposed to feel that way, and through allowing the feeling to be part of our human nature, our humanity, we allow our own imperfection to arise and express, while we hold it in gentle non-judgment as our own inner parent.

This also opens up more and more the feeling that no matter how broken someone is in front of you, you realize that's just you in the Past and we allow them to be broken as broken as they need to be, without telling them they need to get better or do something about it.

If I meet someone that's depressed and they tell me they are suffering a depression, I smile and say that I have no problem with that, I tell them who wouldn't be sometimes depressed in life? I do not join them in their fight against something that is their friend, I make them aware that depression is not fighting them, it is their own dear friend paying a visit with a gift to hand to them if they allowed the guest the hospitality he deserves.

Once they no longer see their own brokenness as a disease in that space they are able to simply feel depressed without fighting it and it just clears up.

Being permitted to be depressed around you, gives them a feeling of home and space in which they realize they do not need to fake a smile or be perfect, but they can sit there with the shittiest frown on their face and just be.

If you allow yourself to be that without resistance or fighting it, all those feelings become the natural fertilizer of your own growth instead of the seeming obstacles.

Trying to put into words a super subtle point which is more of an experience that happened to me over time, and only in retrospect do I realize what was happening during that process.

Knowing or realizing that ultimately what I want is already Here through that process.

What I really want and always have truly wanted even if I could not admit it to myself, was just to Be here, standing in Life.

What we really want is namely not something we could want consciously.

It is realizing that all our wanting is only capable of wanting what it knows.

What I really want, I do not know or can not know.

For What I want or everyone wants, is a surprise.

And that is occurring all the time, except we miss it like idiots since we are looking for that which we think we know we want.

Short Resume in a different dimension of the above:

[You must lose your mind to be able to see the strangeness of reality.

For if you saw that reality was stranger than fiction while holding on to your mind, you certainly will lose it, but in the most destructive meaning of the expression.

No mind can hold reality, it will go insane if it were to witness even a fraction of it and try to make ends meets logically. In a way that you will be running around with an insane mind not knowing how to lose it anymore.]


Dawn erupting out of the Darkest Night

Dawn erupting out of the Darkest Night

A small section of our Herb Patch.

A small section of our Herb Patch.

Just look at that color and texture, seductive, velvety and delicate.

Just look at that color and texture, seductive, velvety and delicate.

One of our Ground-Cover Roses, humble beauty.

One of our Ground-Cover Roses, humble beauty.

Painting Acrylic, Ravenking

Painting Acrylic, Ravenking

Watercolor by Mater Terra

Watercolor by Mater Terra

Portugal, Travels

Portugal, Travels

Brownie my Soul-Brother

Brownie my Soul-Brother

New Moon Revelations 1# & 2#

Really meeting heart to heart
Truly allowing what we are
With all our imperfections
All the colors of our beings
Endless beginnings and ends
Constantly transforming artworks
Breaking our hearts open
Again and again
In wholeness, burning lies into the Unknown
Raw fire of terrible beauty
For every now is an adventure
In the everpresent perfect heart <3

-By Mater Terra

Who keeps filling the cups? Ravenqueen “Mater Terra” With the “Ravenking”

Who keeps filling the cups? Ravenqueen “Mater Terra” With the “Ravenking”

Forest Air, Bubbly Wine

Forest Air, Bubbly Wine

2 Whole Hearts Creating a Greater Whole

2 Whole Hearts Creating a Greater Whole

With one Eye I see Horror and Terror.
With my Other Eye I see Love and Beauty.

With Two Eyes Made One I see a Terrifying Beauty which we call the eternal moment dancing the dance of eternal death in the forms and shapes and colors it produces nourishing the eternal life and flame of soul that we are.

Unity shattered into an infinity of pieces, never meant to be glued together, but continuously broken so that the spark of wholeness can ever transcend the pieces, cutting and slicing it in ever finer facets of the diamond/gemstone that you are.

Knowing drowning in the Sea of my Not Knowing.
My Not Knowing drowning in the Sea of my Ever Present Knowing.

My Flame burns bright within my heart, feeding upon the rainbow stained glass we call life in all its forms, forever illumined by the wholeness that we are.
It is only by seeing that which is Death, can we ever understand or come to know Life.

In each death there dies somewhere truthfully but only an empty lie. Death is the dissolver of boundaries, the breaker of limitation, he grants you the marvelous wardrobe of ever new forms to live in, as you pass through the tunnel of death, actually transforming.
With One Eye I see Horror and Terror and all is but Lies.
With the Other Eye I see Love and Beauty, even the ugly makes me swing higher onto cloud nine and above in my hearts inner temple.

Both Eyes made one I see Truth above all. The One. The Unknown. The Terrifying Beauty. The Beauty of Terror and the Terror of Beauty. The love for the lie and the greater love to let it die when seen with truthful EYES-I's. My I is Legion. It is One and it is Many.

-By Ravenking

Our Natural State

Truth is unique, we stumble upon our own truth, and then we make that for a while absolute and try to offer it to everyone actually distorting it back into a lie while still doing so.

BUT hopefully, eventually then we see that that truth was not a fact, but more so a state! And that all that brought you there was not yourself, but yourself falling into little metaphors of it until you touched something for a short glimpse.

All those small glimpses add up until you realize you have merely fallen into your natural state instead of acquiring any truth at all.

At that point we let our grip go from the last vestiges of our own beliefs that were trying to force it on others in that weird shape we put it into initially.

And we allow ourselves to be the natural state and relax into being able to allow IT to communicate the relevant metaphors that are fitting to the situation, which come spontaneously when we allow ourselves to finally relate to the world by fully listening and not being afraid of becoming entirely what the other is. To hear what it is they say beyond the words and to become them, and then to allow the natural state to speak and answer that which is unknown until you speak it.

Truth is nothing but your natural state in which you can finally relate to life in all its uniqueness as YOU and for once also as completely the OTHER without feeling separated due to it..

Before the natural state we are just relating to our own self-image basically.



"Cheap Porn" and "The Symbology Of A Raven"

Cheap Porn

The Masses are lost watching cheap porn, their souls wasting away in cybernetic superficiality, their hearts dying in a cold hell, waiting to be finally completely broken.

I don't need your Cheap Porn, cause "I am" the Most Porno Thing There is, I am filled by my own eroticism and I am in love with the pulsations of that which is alive.

I drool not at the celebrities fake display of distorted beauty veiling an inward monstrous, parasitic soul.

I bask in the radiance of my hearts inward and outward majestic opulence. Dripping with royal amrita and drunk on the wine of soma, that enraptures me to the presence of that presence which transgresses the distortions of a fallen humanity.

Transcending its limitations one broken-heart at a time.

The Symbology Of A Raven

A raven is the bringer of fire, the guardian to death. And most of all he is never a liar. His call might be coarse and unpleasant compared to many a songbird one hears, yet despite his rough tone and his dark reverberations never a lie leaves his tongue, and each syllable he speaks with truth beautifully glittering.

He sometimes thieves and steals our shiny things, but only to leave us a message to let old things die, and let them go, hoarding them is a waste of gold, the gold that you are free from all things.

-Texts by Ravenking


The Truth of the Devil

The Devil actually exists, YET he is in actuality nothing but "The Lie", and that is the Truth of the Devil.

Wherever you encounter a Lie, you are meeting the Devil.
That is who he is, that is his Truth. He is ever loyal to himself, for he is never anything else but a lie, dressed in every possible form in which a lie can take shape.

So when you meet the Devil and he asks you to trade your soul for whatever he has to offer.

Your answer should be: "Who are "YOU" to wish to trade my "ME"?

"What I am, I am! It can never be traded!"

Trading your soul is the compromise you make when you decide to Lie for whatever reason, be it greed, safety, comfort, deceit, fear, love or desire.

He who lies does not exist, for he is but a shadow of himself.
Having become "The Devil", The Liar and the Lie himself.

He who speaks truth does forever exist for that is the heart speaking as itself undivided whole, it is the I which is an EYE and in every soul forever whole.

And when you become the Devil or Speak a Lie more plainly told, you only ever falsely believed or yourself had deceived to have been exchanged by the illusion of feeling you are not whole..

For truth is like a magic stone which never leaves the purse of its owner no matter to whom it is seemingly given."

"The Devil Is God's Shadow" testing himself in every unique soul/godspark, to see how loyal he will be to his own heart when tested among the trials of hell and brimstone, paradise and infinity, among this play of life and death in this universe and its unfathomable entirety.

For what is the meaning of Truth when there is no Lie to contrast it, how would it be known in its beauty if the devil didn't sometimes try to hide it?

Do not Fear what does not Exist, even though it does.


"Seals of Secrecy" Update April 12th.

With the magazine release I am doing a final print of my book "The End" and completely taking it out of publication both physically and digitally. These last 48 copies are each unique, sealed, numbered, customized with our own artwork using a label printer to create decorative elements.

The Designs for the Stickers are done by Mater Terra, all Original work!

Preparing the different box sets for the magazine release, each limited edition set will be uniquely individualized and containing a unique tarot reading for each pack adressed for the one receiving it.

Certifying and uniquely sealing each of the books for the limited edition release boxes of our Magazine!

Each of these seals is scented, added some rose wax to most of them, some already were scented with cinnamon.

Lots of love pouring into preparing this project, having tons of fun!

For more infos about the magazine and the project!


Sealed Test Print, Certified- The Revelations Begin.

We received our Proof & Test Print of the Magazine today and I must say it looks amazing!

Beyond all of my expectations, everything looks real sleek and chic! Quality premium paper, the colors in the photos are vibrant although not entirely TRUE in profile/temperature to the Originals, but that isn't a bad thing, gives it a certain atmosphere/energy. Sharp, clear, vibrant, adventurous.

The Text is also easy to read, formatting looks more or less as I envisioned it. Some Minor Adjustments and it is Ready!

I wish to make a call out to any of you that are watching, that the print is quite expensive especially since I am printing it on my own, and if any one of you feel like you would like to somehow contribute to the project by making a small donation to help finance a proper number of prints for the initial run you would be helping tremendously to kick-start this project.

More infos about the Magazine and The Art Project " Seals of Secrecy" under which it is being released!


Donations above 50 Euro get a Free Magazine+Free shipping in exchange for the Donation.
Amounts 5+ you can request a gift, and I'll make it up to you with either a digital product of mine or fromat 25+ a 1ml free perfume sample of my own creation shipped to you FREE.

CRYPTO: For Gifts Email me exact amount with sending adress that was used to identify yourself and telling me you wish a gift for the donation: info@catharsiopa.eu

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Seals of Secrecy

Our Custom "Catharsiopa" Wax Seal Stamp arrived today. enabling me to begin leaving you all a message that will be revealed step ... by ..step.... over the course of the next weeks!

Alchemy, Arts and Artisan Perfumes are all woven into it as a whole. Mysterious:

In the midst of Brewing Projects.
Seals of Flame. Tomes of Journeying, Scents of Transformation.
Something is Cooking.
Something Wicked This Way Comes.
A Secret!

The 3 Seals to Unlock the Three-Fold Flame

Ever-present heart


We can fight for all kinds of equality, human rights, health, animal and environment protection
But nothing will change as long as we run around believing we are all the different masks we wear
Proudly in the limitations we set upon ourselves, with our big egos and advices

As long as there are persons fighting for a solution
Instead of hearts being the answer
We run in circles

As long as we only fight for a better future
Instead of being here and now completely
We lie to ourselves, just dreaming

For if you are not here now
Who says you’ll be later

As long as we teach our children that they need to show themselves in a certain way to be worthy
We never really love

As long as we fear to love terribly deep
We never really meet

As long as we look for home on the outside
We ignore our ever-present heart

Writing and Artwork by Mater Terra