Spiritual and Non-Spiritual Disclaimer

As a notice and clarifying message to all, I will also be selling alchemical elixirs and wish to make it clear that these are sold purely as “Talismans” or “Art Object”. While I will be exploring and sharing the information about their use according to the historical texts, I do not recommend them as cures. What you do privately with these products is your own responsibility.

Persons with any health related problems should consult a qualified, licensed professional heath care provider for guidance.  We are not medical doctors and make no claims as to any medicinal uses for any product that we make. The use of our products is at the sole discretion and risk of the user and we will assume no liability whatsoever.

All our Products are sold solely as “art objects”, they are attempts at accurate reproduction of the alchemical works of history.

“Catharsiopa” does not claim that any of its products cure, treat, diagnose, or prevent any physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual malady. This also accounts for the deliverance of spiritual powers, prolonged life, states of ecstasy and nirvana or other such desired pursuits and experiences by interested individuals upon usage or purchase of our available products.

All associated suggestions for our products usage are made from a place of historical reference. Related results attributed to any one product are never any thing more than an exploration to how such items were believed to work according to the people who have referred to there medicinal actions. Believed correspondences of associated metals, mental archetypes, oils, or organs are not stated as fact but rather as traditional perspectives only.

Effects, results, sensations, or experiences cannot be guaranteed or promised to anyone inquiring. The purchase of a product that has claimed to endow a being with enlightenment, heightened states of health, or assurance of an altered experience of any kind in the past does not ensure access of such states to the purchaser.

”Catharsiopa” or the affiliate takes no responsibility for the use of products sold to a qualifying customer, nor any reactions or sensations experienced by the individual.

Our products do not claim to induce lucid states, astral-projections, divine healings, psychic abilities, increased synchronicities, profound capacities for manifestation, ecstasy, nirvana, enlightenment, awakening, ascension, communication with spirits or extra-terrestrial entities, access to akashic records, a purified aura, or any other state or experience beyond the current.

All investments made into our company or its associated products are done for the support of historical novelty and the revival or continuous transmission of tradition.    


We do not sell your data to third parties. You have the right to have any of your comments or data that is stored about you in any form removed from the site if requested.

We only request the most necessary information for what is needed for ordering our products and services and processing payments.