Mighty Dandelion

The herb that transforms from Sun into Moon

When Yellow t’is sunny and bright.When White it becometh dreamy and light.


  • Very common blood-purifier and strengthening in general

  • Diuretic and helpful with liver complaints, gout and rheumatism

  • Increases bile secretion

  • Good for digestion

  • Helps with eczema and skin issues

  • The milky juice can help against warts (careful not to touch the eyes afterwards)

  • Every part can be eaten (preparation depends on the season)

Ingredients :

  • The root contains inulin (prebiotic)

  • In contrast to lettuce is has five time more proteins, eight times more vitamin C, and twice as much potassium (high potassium content!)



Living in the gardens of humans, she is very near and accessible to consume over a long period.(Jupiter=Abundance)
Her ability to grow in any environment shows her solid body structure and an easygoing character (Jupiter).
One the flower is fertilized she begins a transformation from sun (yellow) to moon (white seeds).


April to July/October (depending on use)