Matricaria chamomilla

Apple of the Earth

Mystic and Medicinal Properties & Signatures



  • Flowers have the most healing properties

  • Anti-inflammatory, antiphlogistic

  • Antimicrobial

  • Anti-fungal

  • Antispasmodic

  • For gastrointestinal problems, menstruation cramps

  • Nurturing (motherly love), peace (sedative antidepressant, treats restlessness/nervous irritability, facilitates relaxation, promotes sleep (stress, spasm, tension, anxiety)

  • Good compatibility (also children)

  • External use possible for skin (psoriasis, eczema, wounds), mucosa (mouth, throat, genitals)



  • May-July


  • Flowers have a yellow center surrounded by white petals associated to the Sun (solar plexus and crown chakra)

  • Essential oil is rich deep dark blue (throat chakra) associated with cooling anti-inflammatory properties (Moon)

  • Leaves are fine and feathery -> signature for sensitivity, which often goes with fragile nerves, powerful tenderness, attraction (Venus)

  • Environment: warm sunny, drying and cheering (Sun)


Elixirs and Preparations made by Catharsiopa

Chamomile Spagyric Tincture: The Herb is Macerated in 96% Grain-Alcohol for 2-4 weeks. The Plant Matter is then filtered from the tincture. We take this material and burn it to a fine ash. We then leach the ashes using distilled water to extract the mineral salts of the plant. The Water is gently evaporated to crystallize the salts, and these are then recombined with the Tincture to produce our alchemical marriage, in which the salts react with the oils of the plant. We incubate the recombined tincture at 37-40°C for a few weeks until the Elixir is complete and the reactions have reached equilibrium.