Cannabis sativa

Master Plant Teacher

The Uncountable Infinities of Potential & The Properties of this Blessed Herb


Introducing the lady with many clothes and masks:

We must stand back for a moment when in presence of this plant, to realize that of her versatility and her ingenuity there is no end of things to list.

She is A Wise Goddess in First Place, Her Female Sensual Psychoactive Buds testament to this fact.

She is a nurturing mother, in that her Seed is filled with the most nourishing of fats in the perfect ratio for the human body, including all the essential amino acids we need. As nourishing as breast milk, but of a kind that grants health and vitality to all ages. The oil expressed from the seed equally nourishing and healthy

She is also bestowed with a tough skin symbolic of her fierceness. Strong & Resilient, out of her the strongest of ropes have been made, the sails of great ships adorned and the protective clothes warming adventurers and farmer alike permitting not only survival against the harsh elements of nature but also the exploration and discovery of our planet back in ancient days.

This has given her a strong correspondence to Saturn as Ruler, which I find more secondary in nature and more applicable to Cannabis when it is used as Industrial Hemp, in regards to its relationship with rope, textile, weaving, yarn. Which are elements of binding which Saturn rules.

Her flowers and buds prepared for Internal Consumption are of such great versatility and potency, there is almost no physical ailment that she will not aid in some manner. She works on the very immune system itself, hence the potency of her strength and power. She strengths your own resiliency to disease, that is her mode of healing. Not by treating only symptoms and keeping you weak, but by fortifying and re-calibrating the very structure of your offensive and defensive immunological systems.

I personally would say that those more initiated with her, will probably recognize her not being Ruled by Saturn, but Mercury actually. This is also to be seen in how paper was originally made for the most part from hemp. The very first printed book was done with hemp paper. She is the muse of scribes and artists, a messenger between this world and others. She carries much of a trickster within her, and is not without danger to those approaching her with bad intentions.

A small Fraction of the Main Active Ingredients

In the graph below we have some of the cannabinoids that have been more intensively studied and whose properties are better known. But each plant contains 483 chemical compounds out of which at least 85 are cannabinoids , next to the cannabinoids she includes a most exotic profile and range of Terpenes


Some of the Terpenes:

Unsure about Image Source, but believe this is originally from here:

Unsure about Image Source, but believe this is originally from here:

Hymn and Praise to the Rebel Queen

Rebel Queen, Fairy Green

A lively wisp of pale blue drifted about,
A earthy smell and fragrant conscious cloud,
Spirit slowly entering as breath through my mouth,
Whispering to me,
Are you sincere and devout?

Nothing from her left unseen!
Nothing from her you can hide!
Once she enters it is her rules you must abide,
On her transcendental ride.

Her joy intoxicating and wise like flying on angel wings.
Embraced by the divine up high,
Hear! she sings,
Her anger paralyzing and like poison creeps on slow,
Those unwise trapped in her sedation, her illusory show.
Spirit enter please within,
Lets make things sacred,
These things that have turned to sin.

Dear Fairy Green, I ask truth and wisdom from you,
Let our minds become one from these separate two,
Let me see through your eyes and you may see through mine,
And let us marvel and create in harmony within this World Divine.
I shall gladly be thy fool in appearance for the crowd,
In exchange for the teachings and truth you may bestow,

Dear Fairy Green, my lovely Rebel Queen,
The resonance to you is major,
Since we both are rebels in nature,
I'll be for truth your brave crusader,
My enemies shall be the paradigms and fears,
To which my mind so deeply adheres,
For what is said possible, is impossible and not a choice to me,
So the Impossible is what I will make Possible to be.

Let us together stand in truth and follow the way of the heart,
Let us break the norms of normality,
And adhere to the art of living magically.
As indestructible pieces of this greater universe a part!