A Beautiful Crown of Thorns

My roots made of Hemp, strong and life-giving
Within that terrifying earth, cold and unforgiving,
That bitter hell which as a seedling seemed, Oh so dark!
Except for that sweet scent from above though arising, lighting my spark!

Delightful leaves rubbing my emerging stem, dazzled and drunk.
Expanding fearlessly downward further rooting my trunk,
Which lies above in the light and NOW firm in the ground!
Dressed and adorned in a field of intoxicating Lemon Balm,
a belly laugh of a fire, my fearful trembling nurtured to calm.
Melissa's delightful caresses teasing me so that upward I grow!

The Nettle reaches even higher,
Whispers these stings will raise your fire,
Do not give up yet, you are meant to grow sire.
Soon to become King, then growing even higher!

Carelessly the fire within me then blazed, Downward the roots!
Upward my trunk!

Until I was raised above the immense canopy of neighboring plants
That shaded so far all of my view,
And in an instant I knew!!!
I had found my heart, I was born anew!!
My sight beheld unexpectedly
Stars, sun, moon and earth each one majestically!
And I fell in love with Eternity!

For Cycles revealed the Illusion of Linear-Time!

The rose not far from me climbing
as a vine through an adjacent tree,
while seductively smiling....
Her scent unobstructed blew my way and said to me: "YOU SEE!!.

The Treasure that is your Heart, is your Secret everlasting Home."

“Yet do not stop here!
Do not stop now, your home finally ‘NOW’ found,
Remember this secret: Resting ‘Here’! You remain eternally Crowned!”

“With love now pumping through your veins
You can let go of all your past growing pains,
New scars might...or rather they will surely come
But they will be known as blessings each and every one!”

”For your heart is your shield,
the place where you're one.
With all that there is!
With all that will be!
"Here" you must reside. And from here you must See!”

“No matter how High you might climb, or upwards seem to Grow!
Thy highest heights in reverence to your heart please do bow.”

Then with a warning she spoke with stern burning fire!

“Do not get blinded by your own emerging
Do not see but your own Tree-Top
in Vanity!”

“Your crown will be jeweled in green most lusciously grand,
Your flowers colorful, opulent, intoxicatingly fragrant!”

“A Blue jay at your neck will built its nest, singing sonorous spells of truth so fine!
Dancing together with the notes of your rustling leaves, the music released:’Concerto Divine!’
Your branches reflecting the beauty of your thoughts, reflections of your heart in thy mind!
Fractal patterns intricate and mysterious emerging from enduring the illusions of Time.

As Knowledge emerges your canopy grows,
foresight brings the wisdom
Of letting old branches go!”

"Yet..." warned the rose

"With Knowledge!
Do not lose sight of your Heart
By the expansion of your mind!

…If you do...."

she raised her voice higher:

"You will find yourself suddenly utterly empty and helplessly blind!
You will think to know how to fill that hole and you will believe that you can clearly see!
Yet that kind of seeing and thinking! well...Your growth will yield Death! as thy Destiny!
Your fruits will be lies and decay, they will bear infection and rot.
Your flowers will poison the air with their stench they begot.
Your roots will sour the earth, and poison your own water.
Your leaves will begin to wilt even though it is not winter
Your branches will fall yet no new ones will take their place to grow
For without your heart, how would you pump the light of your golden soul,
Deep into the roots that root you firmly in the ground?
Without which you will soon be a tree falling with a thumping sound!

"So be cautious!" Said the Rose. Repeating one last time!:

"Ever allow some space for old branches to die,
To be open for the living empowering sunlight!
To trickle all the way from crown down to the base of your spine.,
To be received to strengthen thy heart, Temple of Truth & The Divine.
Reflecting the mysteries of life through the mirror moon of your mind."

And she rested as my crown of thorns high atop my canopy,
blooming in deep passionate red,
our love shining bright into eternity,
for the dazzling earth, the moon and sun and all the dancing stars, infinity!



Standing amidst an Infinite Implosion brought on by Eternal Explosion.

Hell keeps flashing before my eyes,

Yet within my heart is erupting paradise.

Sanity comes out from my speaking lip.

Insanity attempted through the words to drip.

The names for "Everything"

have become doors to "Nothing"

As inwardly my being into love is infinitely imploding.

Within my heart the appearance of the world keeps exploding.

My soul plunging, manifesting into water frozen as abysmal ice,

While searing as my blazing heart, a scorching flame burning thrice.

As I stand in awe,

staring at a world

where gods willingly plunge into the darkest hell.

Yet as gods only could,

producing beauty that glimmers

in their art, their songs, their written spell.



Here and Now, Eternity, come be where all hearts only ever live.

The Moment is one eternal process of Transformation by Divine Fire.

The Moment is one eternal process of Transformation by Divine Fire.

The Now is Ever-changing hence easy to miss. We feel as if we are stuck in limitation, but are you not witness to the fact that each moment is entirely transformed to produce the next? We live in infinite transformation, and it is only since the eternal moment is ever-changing that we get the illusion of the passage of time.

Once we live in our mind within the boundary of time, we feel as if we are in limitation in a world that is never changing or at least not fast enough or struggling to keep things from changing, yet that struggle always falling apart, and struggling to change ourselves out of the idea of who we think we are or fighting to hold on to what we thought that we are.

But merely admit to yourself, is not this eternal moment, this present you are always in, only separated by how many ideas you are currently holding in your mind?

When you are in time you feel alone, since you feel as if you are a person in a world separated by distance, definition and time.

But when you are Here, you are where everybody actually only ever is. Never alone, one with all living, in the heart of the divine.

In time, you find god inside of your heart, praying as a person seeking to come closer, to be no longer separated and apart.

In Timelessness, you find you have always been standing in the heart of hearts, where all hearts live, here and now within the ever-changing eternal moment, forever transforming somehow.


Conversation with Kambo the Frog

Today after a long while I did a session with Kambo the Frog, as a good spring cleanse.

While usually I have just a strong physical reaction, this time the frog also spoke to me a message after the purge while I was laying down to recover.

Conversation with Kambo:

I was feeling a lot of anger due to circumstances with people close to me, tired of their superficiality, tired of the routines and comfortable roles we slip into. My mind was throwing judgments at me for my anger, but the frog suddenly started speaking:

"Do you know how it is that I am protected? My poison is a result of my lack of fear. I have my home in the deep jungles filled with all sorts of predators, but I have no predator I need to fear.
When you have fear, you are easily predated by others.

For your own fear is a toxin with which you poison yourself. You are also not a frog like I am, so you must understand that having no fear for you means, having no fear in expressing yourself authentically.

When you lack fear, your truthful expression of anger and proper use of discrimination is the poison you offer those that wish to turn you into their prey. It is their responsibility for deciding to eat you, so if they get confronted with your poison it was the result of their own actions. You have a fundamental right to protect yourself.

While those that try to eat me, will be poisoned, it is essential to understand that this very poison is in fact also a medicine. Just as you use my poison to cleanse and come to center yourself in your heart, so too is the poison of your expression when guided by the truth of your heart also that which becomes medicine for others, whether they realize it or not."

Thank you dear Kambo 💚

Do not Become a Thornless Rose

My Daily Prayer to Life:

Dear Truth, I shall gladly be thy fool in appearance for the crowd.
In exchange for the teachings and truth you may bestow.

What do you want me to be today dear life?
Love, Rage, Gentleness, Cold or Warmth?
Shall I be a tear of sadness, or a storm of grief?
Shall I be a hero, or will today all laugh at me?
What adventure will I be, what magic will I become?
I am open to all, make of me anything you need.
I am thy noble Knight and also your loyal Steed.
Dear Life flow freely as you must through me.


(All these fine ladies have thorns that require care, for she will make you bleed if you touch her wrongly)


The Philosophers Stone

Calcination, the voluntary burning away of old limitations.

Calcination, the voluntary burning away of old limitations.

When Truth extends its hand to you, it asks nothing but for you to give up your mortality in exchange for immortality.

When The Devil extends his hand to you, he offers you all the kinds of things that imply you having to agree to mortality to receive them in the first place. Yet as with most contracts, we love to skip the fine print and never realized that his exchange was one that gave you mortality in exchange for your immortality.

This is why most people live life with an attitude of "I want all the things life can offer, yet without having to die."

And they struggle to find ways not to die so they can keep forever the things life had offered them.

When the going gets tough, the tough throw themselves willingly into the fire to burn all weakness away. Facing and Asking the Tough-Situation whether it could turn up the heat, that burn is merely scratching at the surface of my fears.

”Is that all you got?”
— Kyngraven
The fire in the vessel is also lit within. Burning our cage of limitation over and over again anew.

The fire in the vessel is also lit within. Burning our cage of limitation over and over again anew.

The immortal has nothing he needs, nor does he fear death. But has embraced it so acutely that he allows all things to die that life brings to his door when the time comes.

The immortal is grounded in the foundation of the ever-changing.

The Mortal is paralyzed in his desire to prevent all change fueled by his fear of it. His desire fueled by a misunderstanding of his own true nature transcendent to all of it.

The Immortal is unaffected by eternal transmutation and transformation. Unaffected by the dark and light appearances of life. Recognizing this entire circus of expressions is nothing but gods playing in a playground of unlimited creativity and exploration using everything and anything that life can offer, to grow and evolve that which to human minds would seem already to be beyond any possibility of further perfecting.

But even absolute perfection is not a limitation to the gods. Life will strive to transcend any degree of perfection it attains, out of the sheer creative will that can be defined as one that is only fulfilled in making the impossible possible to ever finer degrees into infinity. It is the immortal essence of life that is even willing to enter mortality out of sheer recklessness to further transmute itself


The Mirror House of Life

If you dare gaze Truth in the eyes... if you manage to get so far as to eye contact, then you will be face to face with a madness that will turn you into a stock raving lunatic.

It will illuminate to you that the light of "Rational Reason" is no light but actually darkness when it is divorced from the Irrational pulsations of the Heart.

Yet it will grant you enough of a sliver of sanity, that you might appear quite sane ever onwards from the outside.

But inside you have lost all direction, that could be defined as standing on "reasonable" ground.

Instead you are in the timeless and all of life has become your mirror, yet there is no stable ground to stand on except holding fast to the light of truth that shines your way onwards through the ever-changing.

Absolutes become dissolved by Paradox. Limitations becoming the launching pads into infinite Potential. Roots in Hell and Heart in Heaven. Mind in the middle, balanced amid the density of matter and the infinity of soul, the trunk that unites both worlds in a dynamic transformative relation.


Purified Body of Rose

Purified Body of Rose

The Magic of Getting Lost in the Unknown

The Magic of Getting Lost in the Unknown


I don't know who I am.
I don't know where I am.
I don't know what I am.
I don't know how I am.
I don't know what life is.
I don't know what anything is.
And the only thing I know is that I don't know anything.

As I lost myself, I found my Self.
Yet noone was there to claim the discovery.
So myself has been Lost Ever since.

Life didn't create life to find itself, it created life to lose itself.

As a reminder it gave us the night sky, so that when we look up and see the infinity stretching out before us, we could realize we have no idea where we are.

Magic and Mystery only take place when knowledge is given up.
For what is magical about anything that is thought to be known?

It is the unknown that is brimming with magic and mystery. pulsating with Life.

Whatever is known has become Dead.

I was a walking Dead, until I Died and was brought back to Life as my Self.