The Truth of the Devil

The Devil actually exists, YET he is in actuality nothing but "The Lie", and that is the Truth of the Devil.

Wherever you encounter a Lie, you are meeting the Devil.
That is who he is, that is his Truth. He is ever loyal to himself, for he is never anything else but a lie, dressed in every possible form in which a lie can take shape.

So when you meet the Devil and he asks you to trade your soul for whatever he has to offer.

Your answer should be: "Who are "YOU" to wish to trade my "ME"?

"What I am, I am! It can never be traded!"

Trading your soul is the compromise you make when you decide to Lie for whatever reason, be it greed, safety, comfort, deceit, fear, love or desire.

He who lies does not exist, for he is but a shadow of himself.
Having become "The Devil", The Liar and the Lie himself.

He who speaks truth does forever exist for that is the heart speaking as itself undivided whole, it is the I which is an EYE and in every soul forever whole.

And when you become the Devil or Speak a Lie more plainly told, you only ever falsely believed or yourself had deceived to have been exchanged by the illusion of feeling you are not whole..

For truth is like a magic stone which never leaves the purse of its owner no matter to whom it is seemingly given."

"The Devil Is God's Shadow" testing himself in every unique soul/godspark, to see how loyal he will be to his own heart when tested among the trials of hell and brimstone, paradise and infinity, among this play of life and death in this universe and its unfathomable entirety.

For what is the meaning of Truth when there is no Lie to contrast it, how would it be known in its beauty if the devil didn't sometimes try to hide it?

Do not Fear what does not Exist, even though it does.


"Seals of Secrecy" Update April 12th.

With the magazine release I am doing a final print of my book "The End" and completely taking it out of publication both physically and digitally. These last 48 copies are each unique, sealed, numbered, customized with our own artwork using a label printer to create decorative elements.

The Designs for the Stickers are done by Mater Terra, all Original work!

Preparing the different box sets for the magazine release, each limited edition set will be uniquely individualized and containing a unique tarot reading for each pack adressed for the one receiving it.

Certifying and uniquely sealing each of the books for the limited edition release boxes of our Magazine!

Each of these seals is scented, added some rose wax to most of them, some already were scented with cinnamon.

Lots of love pouring into preparing this project, having tons of fun!

For more infos about the magazine and the project!


Sealed Test Print, Certified- The Revelations Begin.

We received our Proof & Test Print of the Magazine today and I must say it looks amazing!

Beyond all of my expectations, everything looks real sleek and chic! Quality premium paper, the colors in the photos are vibrant although not entirely TRUE in profile/temperature to the Originals, but that isn't a bad thing, gives it a certain atmosphere/energy. Sharp, clear, vibrant, adventurous.

The Text is also easy to read, formatting looks more or less as I envisioned it. Some Minor Adjustments and it is Ready!

I wish to make a call out to any of you that are watching, that the print is quite expensive especially since I am printing it on my own, and if any one of you feel like you would like to somehow contribute to the project by making a small donation to help finance a proper number of prints for the initial run you would be helping tremendously to kick-start this project.

More infos about the Magazine and The Art Project " Seals of Secrecy" under which it is being released!


Donations above 50 Euro get a Free Magazine+Free shipping in exchange for the Donation.
Amounts 5+ you can request a gift, and I'll make it up to you with either a digital product of mine or fromat 25+ a 1ml free perfume sample of my own creation shipped to you FREE.

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Seals of Secrecy

Our Custom "Catharsiopa" Wax Seal Stamp arrived today. enabling me to begin leaving you all a message that will be revealed step ... by ..step.... over the course of the next weeks!

Alchemy, Arts and Artisan Perfumes are all woven into it as a whole. Mysterious:

In the midst of Brewing Projects.
Seals of Flame. Tomes of Journeying, Scents of Transformation.
Something is Cooking.
Something Wicked This Way Comes.
A Secret!

The 3 Seals to Unlock the Three-Fold Flame

Ever-present heart


We can fight for all kinds of equality, human rights, health, animal and environment protection
But nothing will change as long as we run around believing we are all the different masks we wear
Proudly in the limitations we set upon ourselves, with our big egos and advices

As long as there are persons fighting for a solution
Instead of hearts being the answer
We run in circles

As long as we only fight for a better future
Instead of being here and now completely
We lie to ourselves, just dreaming

For if you are not here now
Who says you’ll be later

As long as we teach our children that they need to show themselves in a certain way to be worthy
We never really love

As long as we fear to love terribly deep
We never really meet

As long as we look for home on the outside
We ignore our ever-present heart

Writing and Artwork by Mater Terra

Ageless Beauty

Ageless beauty that you are
Yes you, the One reading this
Do not cover up your heart
With any limitations that you are not

Ageless beauty dare to shine
Not with pride but just by being
You are divine
Ageless beauty, there is no time
Only transformation from here to now

Ageless beauty, do not confuse
Colorful masks with authentic truth
Ageless beauty that you are,
Do not try to be the best of all,
For your being without effort, your
Natural state, is the most beautiful

Ageless beauty is not just you, but
That which is the nature of us all

- Mater Terra

Artwork by  Mater Terra

Artwork by Mater Terra

A Beautiful Crown of Thorns

My roots made of Hemp, strong and life-giving
Within that terrifying earth, cold and unforgiving,
That bitter hell which as a seedling seemed, Oh so dark!
Except for that sweet scent from above though arising, lighting my spark!

Delightful leaves rubbing my emerging stem, dazzled and drunk.
Expanding fearlessly downward further rooting my trunk,
Which lies above in the light and NOW firm in the ground!
Dressed and adorned in a field of intoxicating Lemon Balm,
a belly laugh of a fire, my fearful trembling nurtured to calm.
Melissa's delightful caresses teasing me so that upward I grow!

The Nettle reaches even higher,
Whispers these stings will raise your fire,
Do not give up yet, you are meant to grow sire.
Soon to become King, then growing even higher!

Carelessly the fire within me then blazed, Downward the roots!
Upward my trunk!

Until I was raised above the immense canopy of neighboring plants
That shaded so far all of my view,
And in an instant I knew!!!
I had found my heart, I was born anew!!
My sight beheld unexpectedly
Stars, sun, moon and earth each one majestically!
And I fell in love with Eternity!

For Cycles revealed the Illusion of Linear-Time!

The rose not far from me climbing
as a vine through an adjacent tree,
while seductively smiling....
Her scent unobstructed blew my way and said to me: "YOU SEE!!.

The Treasure that is your Heart, is your Secret everlasting Home."

“Yet do not stop here!
Do not stop now, your home finally ‘NOW’ found,
Remember this secret: Resting ‘Here’! You remain eternally Crowned!”

“With love now pumping through your veins
You can let go of all your past growing pains,
New scars might...or rather they will surely come
But they will be known as blessings each and every one!”

”For your heart is your shield,
the place where you're one.
With all that there is!
With all that will be!
"Here" you must reside. And from here you must See!”

“No matter how High you might climb, or upwards seem to Grow!
Thy highest heights in reverence to your heart please do bow.”

Then with a warning she spoke with stern burning fire!

“Do not get blinded by your own emerging
Do not see but your own Tree-Top
in Vanity!”

“Your crown will be jeweled in green most lusciously grand,
Your flowers colorful, opulent, intoxicatingly fragrant!”

“A Blue jay at your neck will built its nest, singing sonorous spells of truth so fine!
Dancing together with the notes of your rustling leaves, the music released:’Concerto Divine!’
Your branches reflecting the beauty of your thoughts, reflections of your heart in thy mind!
Fractal patterns intricate and mysterious emerging from enduring the illusions of Time.

As Knowledge emerges your canopy grows,
foresight brings the wisdom
Of letting old branches go!”

"Yet..." warned the rose

"With Knowledge!
Do not lose sight of your Heart
By the expansion of your mind!

…If you do...."

she raised her voice higher:

"You will find yourself suddenly utterly empty and helplessly blind!
You will think to know how to fill that hole and you will believe that you can clearly see!
Yet that kind of seeing and thinking! well...Your growth will yield Death! as thy Destiny!
Your fruits will be lies and decay, they will bear infection and rot.
Your flowers will poison the air with their stench they begot.
Your roots will sour the earth, and poison your own water.
Your leaves will begin to wilt even though it is not winter
Your branches will fall yet no new ones will take their place to grow
For without your heart, how would you pump the light of your golden soul,
Deep into the roots that root you firmly in the ground?
Without which you will soon be a tree falling with a thumping sound!

"So be cautious!" Said the Rose. Repeating one last time!:

"Ever allow some space for old branches to die,
To be open for the living empowering sunlight!
To trickle all the way from crown down to the base of your spine.,
To be received to strengthen thy heart, Temple of Truth & The Divine.
Reflecting the mysteries of life through the mirror moon of your mind."

And she rested as my crown of thorns high atop my canopy,
blooming in deep passionate red,
our love shining bright into eternity,
for the dazzling earth, the moon and sun and all the dancing stars, infinity!