Essential Oil Steam Co-Distillation of Frankincense, Myrrh and Lavender

Doing a steam essential.oil distillation of myrrh & frankincense resin together with a very special batch of lavender flowers soaked in a 3year old wildharvested honey tinctured from my garden and aged for perfume making.

I soaked the flowers in the honey tincture let them stand to dry out the alcohol and added them to the steam distillation flask with the resins.

Will be a mix of co-distilled essential oils for some fine perfume making. Artisan distilled, using only steam makes for a super refined product, since most essential oil producers use simple water distillation in which the material is cooking with the water in the same vessel and is easily burnt changing the aroma profile.

In this way the oils are kept from cooking and are picked up by the steam as it travels through the upper flask through the material and grabbing its oils along with itself.

Our room smelling super awesome!!!😍✨🌼👑 🙏🌹👃👃👃

A video of the live distillation!


Transformational Scents

Two Eau de Parfum 30ml made as a test batch of the perfume concentrate I composed. Catalyzed with Oil of Copper from Kymia Arts a true master craftsman and alchemist.

The Oil of Copper is Divine material, it smells like a celestial rose and tastes like the heart of hearts.

The base alcohol.for dilution was composed from my own "glorified tincture" of damascena rose with rose hips. The perfume concentrate is a high quality mix of essential oils, absolutes, resins, and handcrafted tinctures.
ABSOLUTES are expensive high-grade perfume extractions from the natural material!

Ingredients include: Jasmine Absolute, Tonka Absolute, Tolu Resinoid, Vanilla Oleorosin, Real Ambergris, Tobacco Absolute, Frankincense essential oil. And more..... 1# and 2# are slight variations on the original mix.

1# Is Feral Jasmine, Dark, Sharp, Penetrating at first. Softens but exudes a catlike feral intensity throughout.

2#is the Light version, warm, seductive, alluring jasmine, beckoning with warm sweet vanilla powdery tones, drying into a sweet warm finish.

From beginning to end as the scent evolves the jasmine scent doesn't fade up to the finish

Due to the Ingredients, these are highly potent perfumes, they exude the living souls of the materials used, they impart messages to those willing to listen or fall deeply into contemplation just smelling the words spelled through the evolution of their scent.