Essential Oil Steam Co-Distillation of Frankincense, Myrrh and Lavender

Doing a steam essential.oil distillation of myrrh & frankincense resin together with a very special batch of lavender flowers soaked in a 3year old wildharvested honey tinctured from my garden and aged for perfume making.

I soaked the flowers in the honey tincture let them stand to dry out the alcohol and added them to the steam distillation flask with the resins.

Will be a mix of co-distilled essential oils for some fine perfume making. Artisan distilled, using only steam makes for a super refined product, since most essential oil producers use simple water distillation in which the material is cooking with the water in the same vessel and is easily burnt changing the aroma profile.

In this way the oils are kept from cooking and are picked up by the steam as it travels through the upper flask through the material and grabbing its oils along with itself.

Our room smelling super awesome!!!😍✨🌼👑 🙏🌹👃👃👃

A video of the live distillation!