Part 1: Making of a “Glorified Tincture” with: "Matricaria chamomilla" DIY Follow Along

Matricaria Chamomilla
”Sun Elixir”



In the previous post on the Elixir of the Sun we did not share which herbs we used in the process of making it.

With this Guide we wanted to initiate a series of projects in which those of you that are interested can feel free to follow along.

While these plants and these preparations can be used medicinally. My exploration and my use of them is more as a tool in my own spiritual practice, helping me deepen my relation to life. I use these elixirs to attune myself to the archetypes that these different herbs embody and to learn how to communicate with and learn from the plants themselves.

Anyways enough on the intro. We will first need to gather our herb. You can use any quantity of herb that you wish to start this experiment. For these preparations it is crucial that you use organic herbs. You do not want to end up concentrating all the toxins and pesticides found on sprayed plants in your elixir.

First Steps and What You Need:

  • Around 150grams of chamomile(Amount used in this experiment)

  • A Mason Jar

  • Around 500ml of 96% Grain Alcohol (If you are using different quantities add enough alcohol to cover all of the plant material pour up to about 1-2 finger widths alcohol on top of the herb so that it is all submerged.)


We now have to set this aside in a warm dark space to macerate for the span of at least 2 weeks. If you are patient enough you can wait an entire philosophical month which equates to 40 days.

Once the herb has macerated we will continue with the following steps in making our elixir. Stay Tuned, and if you wish to follow along, get some chamomile and some alcohol, jar it up and come check in here in a week or two for the update in how we will continue.

If you wish to read up in more detail on the properties this elixir will have, then you can find more information here in our special section dedicated to this Herb: Matricaria Chamomilla

”May you be still enough to hear the whispers of the flowers & herbs that speak in riddles filled with wisdom, of a depth and understanding seldom heard or known by mortal man.”